Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free Ebook Promotion

It's National Bully Prevention Month, and the ebook copies of  Next Year in Israel and This Year at Home are free on Amazon until October 3, 2013!  Hope the stories bring you peace and inspiration.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Special Paperback Edition

A paperback edition of Next Year in Israel is now available! This special edition contains the short story sequel, This Year at Home. Here's the Amazon link -Next Year in Israel: Special Edition. Happy Reading!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who recently downloaded Next Year in Israel and bought This Year at Home! Your interest in my writing has meant the world to me. Next Year in Israel is not a light-hearted book, and I'm grateful you decided to read This Year at Home. The end result is a beautiful story of courage and determination. I hope Rebecca's transformation inspires you to stand up to bullies. Life sure is precious. Connect with me on Facebook and Pinterest.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Year at Home

I have a new short story! Check out This Year at Home:   

Last year, Rebecca Levine was relentlessly bullied at school and tried to kill herself. An emotional wreck, she left for a study-abroad program in Israel. Now she has come home, ready to face the kids who tormented her - with a gameplan to catch them. But things don't go according to plan. Can Rebecca stand up for herself, and can she forgive her ex-best friend for backstabbing her?

This Year at Home  has a universal message of strength and forgiveness and will resonate with those of us who hate bullies. It can be read as a stand alone story or as the sequel to Next Year in Israel.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Cover

The Undiscovered Novelist  has a new cover!

Jordyn Simmons has almost everything she's ever wanted: a sexy live-in boyfriend, an adorable son, and a finished manuscript she plans to get published. The only thing missing from her life is a relationship with her estranged mother, Debra.
Debra Simmons wishes she could patch the relationship with her daughter but doesn't know how. Her previous attempts to reconcile have failed, and she has given up hope of seeing Jordyn again.
When Jordyn searches for a publisher, her world collides with Debra's. And both women are forced to make decisions that could change their lives forever. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Tour: The Undiscovered Novelist

I recently went on a blog tour, hosted by CLP Blog Tours. Here's what bloggers said about The Undiscovered Novelist:

"This novella was cute and quick and I really loved reading about Jordyn. She was very relatable and it was a joy to read her story. I felt her successes and disappointments right along with her, which is a testament to Bridgeton's writing." Kaley, Books Etc. (read full review: here)

"Rich in detail and descriptions, the author provides a fascinating look into the reality of how tough it is for a writer to break into the publishing industry. Obviously providing an insider's look into becoming a published novelist based on her own experience, I really loved how the author shares that rough road with her readers, it makes you appreciate even more the books that they create for our enjoyment. I also loved reading about the realistic dynamic of the mother-daughter relationship, I sure could relate to the ups and downs of this relationship! I think the author does a wonderful job of weaving both plots together into an engaging journey that culminates in a satisfying conclusion.Kathleen, Jersey Girl Book Reviews (read full review: here)

"There were so many things I enjoyed about this novella, I really liked the fact that the story was told from Jordyn and Debra's point-of-view! I also liked that I was able to relate to Jordyn so easily; I was sad when things weren't looking up for her, I was happy when Tyler (her boyfriend) would put a smile on her face. I felt as if I evolved with Jordyn." Josie Ann, eBook Addict (read full review: here)

"The characters were entertaining and the storyline was enjoyable. I know sometimes mothers (and mothers-in-law) can be tough to deal with, so I think most people can relate to this subject." Lisa, Lost in Literature (read full review: here)

"I thought this was a sweet read about a mother and daughter with a strained relationship, and I enjoyed the writing aspects as well." Samantha J, Chick Lit Plus (read full review: here)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012